The facts

We have been talking about the importance of cutting emissions since as far back as 1990, but to date they have only continued to rise. The draft Dutch Climate Agreement tackles this problem head-on and requires companies to reduce their carbon footprint by 49% by 2030. Having a systematic insight into fact-based logistics data is essential if you want to make improvements and demonstrate what you have achieved.

Uitstoot verminderen: de feiten

Unique: an insight into your actual data

Many of the methods employed to determine transport performance use generic data. BigMile Profit Finder uses all the detailed data present within your company. Any missing data are completed using industry averages and combined using our own algorithms. That means you have an insight into your actual performance and improvement potential – right down to customer and trip level.


BigMile is suitable for

Verladers en logistieke dienstverleners

Shippers and logistics service providers

For all parties within a supply chain who store and transport goods or have goods transported.

Elke modaliteit

Transport via any modality

For transport by road, rail, water and air – and even via pipelines.

Alle energiedragers

All fuels

For petrol, diesel (HVO/biodiesel/synthetic diesel), LNG/CNG, fuel oil, green/non-renewable electricity, LPG, kerosene, hydrogen, bioethanol, etc.

Advantages of BigMile Profit Finder

BigMile Profit Finder links and analyses data from various Excel spreadsheets in a highly efficient way. Just upload your data to gain a direct insight into your performance – on an ongoing basis. You can see at customer, trip and shipment level where you are performing well and where things could be improved. If you make improvements, these will be immediately visible.

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Adventages BigMile Profit Finder

Using BigMile Profit Finder is easy

As you can see on the right, BigMile works very easy. Do you want to know more? Register without obligation and we will contact you.

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1. Create your logistics profile

Create your logistics profile step by step. For example: do you have access to fuel data per day/week/month/year? Are your kilometre data available at licence-plate level or based on your entire fleet? By answering these kinds of questions, you generate a template file.

2. Upload data

Upload the Excel files containing your relevant transport and fuel data and the data of your customer or transporter.

3. Generate reports and tables yourself

Create reports and tables yourself systematically in the online environment. In this way you can see the emissions you are generating per customer, trip or shipment at any time, as well as areas where you can make gains.

4. Discuss your improvement potential with an expert

Log in to the system together with a BigMile analyst during a 30-minute video call. This explanation will help you get an even better grasp of the results, as well as giving you a greater insight into your improvement potential.

5. Make ongoing improvements

Carry out improvements and refresh your data. You will see the result immediately and can then move on to the next point that you need to improve. This approach will help you increase your profit and ensure you are compliant with the Climate Agreement by 2030.


Absolute privacy

The privacy of your and your customer’s data is completely guaranteed. You can determine yourself what cross-analyses are performed and you alone decide who has access to the data.

emissie methodieken

For all methods of calculating emissions

There are various ways of determining your CO2 emissions: Lean & Green, SmartWay, Objectif CO2, GLEC. These all use different data to calculate your footprint. For BigMile Profit Finder it makes no difference which method you use. We make sure you have access to the specific data.


Are you keen to improve your performance and strengthen your competitive position in a fiercely competitive market? Would you also like to gradually reduce your CO2 emissions at the same time, helping you achieve the targets laid down in the Climate Agreement by 2030? If so, call us on +31 346 68 16 55 or send an email to

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