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What data do you need?

Once you have created an account, depending on the choice you make, you will be given access to part of the platform: BigMile Carbon Footprint, BigMile Carbon Analytics or BigMile Profit Finder. Here you can create a logistics profile and upload details on: 

  • fuel data
  • modes of transport
  • (un)loading locations

Is some of the data not available? In that case the data are completed using industry averages and combined using our own algorithms. BigMile is fully automated and will give you a direct insight into your performance. That means you will be able to make improvements based on concrete data.

BigMile - data needed

Privacy guaranteed

The privacy of your and your customer’s data is completely guaranteed. You can determine yourself what cross-analyses are performed and you alone decide who has access to the data.



BigMile is fully automated, which means it won’t cost you the earth to get started. Below you can see what it will cost your organisation to generate a carbon footprint or to gain an insight into your emissions down to customer level.