Useful insights to strengthen your competitive position

Within the areas of transport, logistics and supply chains, productivity is coming under enormous pressure: order quantities are reduced, more deliveries are being made, traffic congestion is increasing and access to cities is being restricted. Competition is fierce. At the same time, companies face the challenge of dramatically reducing their carbon footprint by 2030. Having an insight into the right information can help you address all these challenges, while also improving your competitive position and the performance of your business.


Three steps to improved performance

BigMile is a self-service platform that collects and combines data from the day-to-day operations of shippers and logistics services providers. It delivers concrete, tangible insights that can lead to major improvements – within your organisation, but also, in particular, between companies. As anomalies are clearly visible, you can make improvements in a highly targeted way. With BigMile you can therefore take active steps to minimise your footprint and maximise your profit.

Drie stappen

BigMile is suitable for

Verladers en logistieke dienstverleners

Shippers and logistics service providers

For all parties within a supply chain who store and transport goods or have goods transported.

Elke modaliteit

Transport via any modality

For transport by road, rail, water and air – and even via pipelines.

Alle energiedragers

All fuels

For petrol, diesel (HVO/biodiesel/synthetic diesel), LNG/CNG, fuel oil, green/non-renewable electricity, LPG, kerosene, hydrogen, bioethanol, etc.

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